What is so Unique About the Bayshore Park LifeStyle?
Living in Bayshore Park has numerous benefits, but one benefit that clearly stands out is SPACE:
• By today's standards, all unit types offer spacious rooms.
• All units have balconies to enjoy the fresh sea breeze.
• The distance between the towers is very large, offering unblocked views and privacy.
• Bayshore Park has one of the largest gardens in any condo in Singapore.
• The large piece of land allows for plenty of facilities.
• The satellite picture below is self-explanatory: look at the large distances between the towers and the massive amount of land surrounding our towers.

This space, combined with ample facilities and excellent location: close to the airport, the central business district, and the East Coast Park, gives us a unique resort style living that cannot be found anywhere in Singapore. As a bonus, Bayshore Park's architecture makes it look much younger than it actually is. Just compare Bayshore Park's architecture with Laguna Park or Ocean Park...